Welcome to our website! We are a second year FLL team consisting of five Cheez-It loving people.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of five people from Calgary. Click here to learn more.

Our Mission

We want to build and code robots, develop our teamwork and creativity, and ultimately get Cheez Its.


We were selected to represent Alberta in the 2022 - 2023 FLL world championship festival in Houston.

Who Are We

Welcome to our website! We are a dynamic team of five passionate students who share an incredible love for science, engineering, and, of course, the delightful snack, Cheez-Its!

Our team, known as ‘Cheez dEms,’ draws its name from our deep and enduring love for Cheez-Its. This affinity is built into every aspect of our team’s identity, from our color theme and name to our logo. Just like the superpowers we get when competing for a Cheez-Its, our dedication to excellence in robotics knows no bounds. This commitment powers us to fearlessly take on challenges and fits perfectly with the themes of the First Lego Challenge the year we were established.

The five members of our team span grades 6 to 8, and we share a common goal of making a collaborative working environment. We embrace our diverse talents and ideas, using them as a base to find innovative and creative solutions to the problems we encounter. At Cheez dEms, we firmly believe that joy is the best source of encouragement, and this sense of joy that fuels our work.

Our team journey!

What We’re Up To

We’re preparing for the 2023-2024 MASTERPIECE℠ FLL season. Our current focus is on robot design.

What Is the First LEGO League

FIRST Lego League, or FLL for short, is a robotics competition designed by FIRST in collaboration with the LEGO group where groups of students aged 9 – 16 will engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activities. These activities are tied together by a common theme, often relating to a problem that can be solved with STEM.

  • The teams will work together to build the best functioning and durable robot.
  • The robot will be tested out in the robot game, where it is tasked to complete missions.
  • Teams are also tasked with solving a real world problem relating to the theme
  • You can learn more about FLL on their website here.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our team members, our achievements, and our ongoing projects. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you find our passion for science, engineering, and Cheez-Its!

Rian Xia

Lead Builder

Ryan is the co-founder and captain of CHEEZ dEMs. His extended experience of public speaking and speech has made him a captain of the team. He is also the lead designer and builder. He loves building legos, using designing software, and coding. These skills made him a capable team member. Aside from robotics, Ryan enjoys piano, basketball, and going kayaking.

Sylvan Zheng

Lead Coder

When the team was founded by Sylvan and Ryan in 2022, Sylvan took charge as the lead coder because of his proficiency in Scratch, Python, and C programming languages. He values hard work and trust and strives to contribute as much as possible to not only programming, but also to other areas such as robot design, mission strategies, and the innovation project. Alongside his position in team Cheez dEms, he is also passionate about most branches of science, especially aerospace engineering and ornithology, competing in the Calgary Youth Science Fair and pursuing RC aircraft and model rocket hobbies. For him, the sky is not the limit, it's just the beginning.

DeAnne Zhu

Creative Designer

DeAnne is the Creative Designer of the Cheez dEms. As creative designer , she is in charge of looking for and proposing solutions, especially if they are original or creative. She has 3 birds and 3 guppy fish. DeAnne is 11 years old and in Grade 6. She enjoys playing badminton, drawing, and reading. She also plays piano and studies ballet. and is in grade six. Some of the sports she plays are basketball, badminton, and tennis. She plays violin.

Katrina Liu

team communicator

ᅠKatrina is passionate about robotics and she is the team communicator for Team CheesdEms. The team communicator shapes and conveys messages from their coaches to the other team members in a more relatable way. She goes to Westmount in grade six and likes to play sports and violin in her spare time. In 2023, she and her team won gold in CISAA league for basketball.

Ken Ma

Innovation lead

Ken was the last member to join the team in late November 2022. He quickly picked up on FLL. Ken is the innovations project lead, and actively participates with researching, mission strategies, and other FLL aspects. In his free time, Ken plays guitar.